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The Wish Stealers, by Tracy Trivas has changed the course of our school year. Even before the author visited our classroom, the students were writing the end-of-the-chapter quotes in their journals and responding with their own inspirational thoughts. Throughout the day, if someone struggling with a math word problem or a particularly challenging essay was overheard mumbling negative comments such as how they would never get it right or how it was just too hard, another student would chide them saying, “Don’t be your own wish stealer!” As we read a novel about a colonial boy facing overwhelming challenges in his life, the students began categorizing the characters as “wish stealers” or “wish givers.” The book has provided many opportunities for conversations about bullying as well. The biggest change in my students has been their commitment to maintaining a positive atmosphere in the classroom, on the playground, and even in their own minds. This book is full of hopes and dreams, and it has filled the heads of my students with the same. Thank you!

Sharon Brewster, 5th grade teacher, Carlthorp School, Santa Monica, CA


I have had the opportunity to listen to many authors over the years and I have never met someone as passionate and compassionate as Tracy Trivas.  Tracy had the ability to relate to the students unlike any author I have ever seen.  Not only were our kindergarten students intently listening to every word, I was most surprised that our sixth graders were asking me the following day if she could come back to our campus to speak.  One of our teachers said, “Tracy had this elegance about her that captivated not only every student, but all of the teachers as well.”  The only way a speaker can make this connection is if they are truly genuine and Tracy is a real as they come.  On behalf of the entire Rancho Cañada staff, I want to thank you for not only inspiring our students, but all of us in our school community.

Thomas Potwora

Rancho Canada Elementary School, CA


Picture one hundred and twenty children quietly sitting in our lovely library.  Their eyes are dancing with delight as they listen to the author, in front, sharing wishes from around the world.  “What would you wish for if you had the chance?” she asked the interested students. Some said they would wish to be doctors, teachers, NFL players, actors,  world peace, and even a puppy! But then suddenly this author whispers, “What if someone stole your wish?”

Tracy Trivas was an outstanding presenter as she engaged the students in the wonderful story of The Wish Stealers . She introduced us to the most delightful character named Griffin Penshine. Who hasn’t wished on a star or an eyelash? Can you imagine that every time you made a wish the opposite would happen? Tracy Tivas’s  visit was so entertaining that the kids were on fire to read this magical tale on wishes. Since our students write stories every week it was nice for them to meet a “real author”. This showed them that they too could be an author one day.

Tracy Trivas has such a positive way with the children.  Every wish that was shared by the children was greeted with enthusiasm and acceptance.  This will be a visit we will long remember.

Suellen Gilliam Fourth Grade Teacher

Sea Gate Elementary, Naples, FL


It was a pleasure to have Tracy Trivas visit our school. There was a wonderful positive energy during and after the presentation as the students discussed the importance of wishes. Our students could not stop taking about her presentation and they were lined up to read The Wish Stealers.

–Mirman School, Los Angeles, Verlear Schrupp, Head Librarian


In early April, our 4th and 5th grade classes were treated to a presentation by Simon & Schuster author Tracy Trivas.  Her presentation was just as compelling as her new book The Wish Stealers. Ms. Trivas instantly connected with her audience, and in moments they were completely engaged in her research and experience with wish making rituals, while sharing and contributing ideas of their own.

Ms. Trivas’ conversation with our students proved to be just the right blend of personal experience, book summary, and thoughts on the writing process.  Her message to students is passionate and extremely positive: “Don’t let anyone steal your dreams.”  Her delivery is sincere, her love of books and writing palpable.  Ms Trivas was a real breath of fresh air in an otherwise ordinary school day.  We hope to have her back next year for an even wider audience.

Joanne Hammond

Library/Media Specialist

Seacrest Country Day School

Naples, Florida


“A fantastic writing workshop! Tracy’s presentation was entertaining, motivating, and helped improve our students writing skills.”

Nancy Danforth
LMC Director

Gregory Middle School

2621 Springdale Circle

Naperville, IL 60564


“In The Wish Stealers, Mrs. Trivas has written an uplifting, wholesome, engaging tale about the power of kindness, a tale that has enjoyed tremendous popularity among my fourth and fifth grade students. My students were lucky enough to  meet Mrs. Trivas and learn about the research and writing process she used while authoring The Wish Stealers. Through her gentle, encouraging, and informative presentation, she renewed my students’ passions for reading, writing, and helping others’ wishes come true. She is welcome at my school any time, and we can’t wait to see what she writes next.”

Michael Misha Language Arts Teacher, Intermediate School
The Community School of Naples



Belated thanks for what has become one of the hits of the school year here…we’re completely sold out of your book and have ordered another box for Friday, when I expect to be swarmed again. Your talk was really well-done and very much appreciated.
Jim Buckley

Washington School, Santa Barbara