Cynthia Leitich Smith interviews me on her popular blog CYNSATIONS. There is also a Wish Stealers book giveaway:

Brentwood News:

Jeanne asked me what people should do if they meet their very own wish stealer…

Author of the Month for Embracing the Child:

A wonderful blog, especially for parents…they asked me, “What do I want people to know about me that they never ask…”

Authorlink interview with author Susan Vanhecke

Susan asked me fantastic questions about the writing process…We love her children’s picture book, An Apple Pie for Dinner!

Undercover book lover:

A fantastic blog with thoughtful and humorous questions….my favorite questions was:

Book you’ve bought for the cover:

Poemcrazy: Freeing Your Life with Words by Susan G. Wooldridge. It’s a book of poetry exercises and the cover is gothic, romantic, and dadaesque—I love it! I literally spotted the cover on a shelf in the bookstore and bought it—it turned out to be an amazing poetry book too.

Recent Interview with Steph Su:

A great, fun, super current blog.  Steph asked me lots of creative questions…

Bookbites for Kids–blog talk radio:

Suzanne Lieurance and I shared a conversation of thoughtful and intriguing questions…We spoke about the the writing process, the love of words, and advice for other authors…